2019 projects

We receive a new commission for the extensive upgrading and alteration of a property at the Haugh of Urr. We identify a contractor and begin early negotiations on behalf of the client gathering quotes from specialist trades as we go one. The Building Warrant necessary for some of the work is received in March. The contractor commences work immediately. The work is completed by August. The client has decided that a few further small jobs will be requested from the contractor, Iain Hall Joinery who has done a good job. I will apply for a Completion Certificate when the Building Inspector can see that all is fully finished.

We decide to replace the brick chimney on our Kirkcudbright house. Why? That is a story! The chimney was replaced before we bought the house and it was never fit for purpose being high above the town facing the SW gales. I became saturated and no amount of flashing could correct this. We asked a local contractor to install a metal flue with horizontal restraints. Changes to flues require a Building Warrant. In order to obtain or Completion Certificate we made a roof top survey, as above!

The owner of MillBank Cottage in Kirkcudbright asked us to meet certain requirements of a brief. We tried the options and arrived at an agreed solution. Part of that was the extension shown above in 3D. We also discovered some photographs of the cottage as it was pre WW1. That is proper social history! Even more, we can identify one of the 2 people in the photograph as the grandfather of my co director.

We have a project in the design stage at Nun Mill House adjacent to Dhoon Bay. We expect progress into 2020.

Kirkcudbright Bay Hotel asked us to make a Planning and Listed Building Application for their window replacement project in Kirkcudbright. We begin the technical work to submit this by February 2020.