2015 and ongoing

January to March we are commissioned to create a big extension to a house in south Leicestershire. This is to be taken as far as an application for full Planning Approval.We are continuing to work on our off-grid project with the guidance of a great client. It is becoming entirely off-grid and this is posing new challenges, in particular with waste treatment. 

Our Kirkcudbright new build has received an amended planning approval on 26th January so work will now start on site. It does, on 10th February. I am predicting completion in July 2015. The client is now very happy that work is underway. However, there are lots of substructure issues to resolve and it will not be plain sailing in the next few weeks but once up to wall plate the project will fly along.

We are now being commissioned to design posters for arts and charity events. I have included an image above.

A planning application for our retail client was submitted in mid February. In March the client agreed to withdraw it in the face of conservation area issues that must now be resolved.

April to May we have good feedback about our Leicestershire project from the planners so have recommended to client that a planning application should be made on the basis of what he has agreed for his project. I am optimistic. He has given us the go-ahead.

Back to our Kirkcudbright new build where the superstructure is up, cladding being installed and roof ready to tile with first fixing underway inside.

In May we are commissioned to produce a design for a front and back extension to another south Leicestershire house. We start working up designs based on the brief and have the OK to make a pre planning application. This is a very tricky piece of work and I really need some written feedback. That arrives early June. The planners think it is a good design proposal that meets their policy requirements.

At the end of May we are involved in the SEDA conference. It has located at Creetown for the weekend. We organise a visit to the Galloway Hydro scheme at Tongland. The delegates liked it and the sun shone. I thank the Scottish Power folk for their great tour.