2014 and ongoing we are busy with the final stages of pre development work on the Kirkcudbright new build. The covered standing area at St Mary’s Park has the galvanised steel structure up, blue cladding fixed and is awaiting emergency lighting before being completed. 

In March we have just been commissioned to undertake a complete adaptation of the existing changing rooms at St Mary's Park, Kirkcudbright for St Cuthbert Wanderers FC.

This project arose from work we carried out in the summer of 2013 when a new budget constraint was introduced by the client. Now, as a result of a sale of land deal and a potential contribution from the Scottish Football Partnership, we are progressing a Building Warrant Application. There is a very tight program for this project with work on site only possible between the end of the 2013/14 season and the start of the 2014/2015 season starting in May 2014 and completing in July 2014. We are working closely with the contractor, Derek Ingram Builders. The images below show the basic arrangements.

In May we are commissioned to provide a Planning Application and a Warrant Application for a ‘Jackleg’ cabin that a client is purchasing for use as an office and meeting room. Our work on the Kirkcudbright new build has changed to include contract administration and project management. This is related to the requirements of the Building Society financing the work. We have also provided the client with a breakdown of his contractor estimates in the format required by the Building Society but in the form of a spreadsheet. I think this has been helpful to everyone. Selfbuild is a great opportunity but I would say most self builders will need to budget for good and consistent professional advice. That might be £5k or more but it is worth it for the smoother path to getting your home.

Our Aberdeen client has decided to halt his project at the stage of getting Planning Approval and awaits an upturn in the oil industry to determine when to progress to the next stage. The Planning Approval was received in April and we were all looking forwards to the next stage. However, the state of the oil economy has caused many projects to be put on hold. The images below show some of our work.

In July we have Planning Approval and a Building Warrant for the ‘Jackleg’ cabin. It is on site awaiting finance to commence the work.

The work to the changing rooms at St Mary’s Park is on site and well advanced. I think the completion date will be around early September that is in line with what was planned. As usual, work on site is great despite those tiny adjustments sometimes needed! We have worked closely with the contractor from the start of the design and it has made the job much easier for everyone without any loss of quality. It is turning out to be a shock for the client(s) they have spent years changing in pretty poor conditions.

In August the Kirkcudbright new build has now received its Building Warrant and the client has sold his existing house  and is very keen to start on site. We have briefed the substructure contractor in advance of the first tranche of cash becoming available in September.We have the project management brief for the  work---not site management! So far so good on this project. Exciting times for the client.

In October the substructure contractor unearthed an unidentified pipe. It belongs to Scottish Water so the client has to negotiate a deal with them to move the pipe or the house! The substructure contractor also found poor ground conditions that require the removal of more soil than anticipated and the shuttering of foundations. The client did not commission a detailed site survey before the construction process began. There is extra design work required from the timber kit manufacturer Scotframe, the structural engineer and ourselves. We have posted a request for a Non Material Variation to the Planning Approval. We will have to apply for an amendment to the Building Warrant. All of this will add more time to the project start date and more cost.

In August again, more good news as we are just commissioned for work in the Kirkcudbright conservation area. Our client owns a busy shop in the main street and wants the existing single storey extension demolished and a replacement building with ground floor retail and upper floor storage. All together this looks like 250m2 of building on 2 floors. Add to that a Planning Application, a Warrant to demolish and a Building Warrant and we are sure to be very busy in the next 4 months. 

In early October we have made a Pre Planning Application to get a steer about the preferred design approach.

October has also brought a new commission from a client who is keen to establish and ‘eco campsite’. After a real battle she has Planning Approval and we are commissioned to bring the project to build stage taking into account the need for a Warrant and the conditions imposed by Planning. Design work starts on 2nd November.

November/December has moved us on with work. We have submitted an amendment to our Planning Approval for the house in Deacon Road, Kirkcudbright. That should be decided in late January 2015. Our Eco Campsite work has developed well and we have some definitive advice for the client that will impact in January 2015. Our retail client in St Mary Street is pleased with our draft Planning Statement and we will be submitting a full Application in late January 2015.